Monday, July 12, 2010

Top 8 Ways to Correct Summer Beauty Blunders

Summer is in full swing and so is the heat, humidity and damage to your hair & skin! Bellezza Salon & Spa has the top 8 summer blunders and how to fix them!

1. Blistering Sunburns
You went to the beach with some friends and had the best intentions of re-applying your sunscreen, but then fell asleep and ended up getting lobster red. Don't wait to treat your sunburn! First take an anti-inflammatory to reduce pain and inflammation that can cause DNA damage to your skin. Then use a moisturizer that contains aloe to help soothe the skin. Once the skin finally starts to peel, use a glycolic cleanser (like MD Formulations Cleanser, $32), to slough off all the dead skin. If the sunburn is on your face, you can also come in for a Soothing Seaweed Facial - to help soothe the burn and help reduce redness.

2. Green Chlorine Hair
Enjoying the neighborhood pool even once a week can wreak havoc on blondes! The culprit? Chlorine! It can cause a faint green tinge to your baby blonde hair - but there is a fix! Try our Paul Mitchell Shampoo 3 , a deep clarifying shampoo that washes away chlorine, minerals, iron and other impurities. We also recommend a deep conditioning treatment afterwards for even healthier hair!

3. Yellow Toe Nails
You started painting your nails a pretty pink at the first sign of a flip flop in April and the last time you re-painted you noticed they are getting a yellowish hue! If you keep painting over it, it will continue to stain. The best cure for this is to book an appointment for a pedicure and have one of our nail technicians properly resurfacethe top nail layers with a buffer and other techniques.

4. Freckles
Those freckles may have been cute as a child, but now you notice that they are getting more and more prevalent all over your face, including larger patches of discoloration. UV light can cause pigment cells to go into overdrive, causing those pesky "dark spots". Fade them away with a combination of Microdermabrasion treatments, chemical peels and a lightning serum. The sun damage didn't happen over night and unfortunately it can't be cure over night either, but with a series of skincare treatments, they can be significantly reduced.

5. Brassy Highlights
Are your fresh highlights taking on a brassy hue? Being in the sun can cause major damage to fading hair color fast! Using a purple shampoo, like Rusk Shampoo, can help neutralize reddish tones and help your highlights stay put!

6. Dull, sagging skin
Sun exposure breaks dodwn collagen, leaving skin sagging. Bring your skin back to life with a galvanic skincare treatment, which uses two opposite charges to increase the flow of ions into the skin, boosting collagen. $40 for the treatment, $95 for a treatment with a facial

7. Frizzy & Fried Hair
Feel like your hair is fried from all the humidity, smoothing irons and sun exposure? Try a keratin treatment to restore shine! This treatment can make even the coarsest strands go baby-soft! Call for a complimentary consultation today!

8. Covering Broken Blood Vessels
UV exposure creates broken blood vessels on the cheeks and nose area, which can cause a lot of redness on your face. Fixing them with laser treatments can be costly, but covering the red can be easy with just a simple application of Bare Minerals makeup!

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