Monday, September 27, 2010

How to get the best spray tan!

Spray tanning is a safe way to get a sun-kissed glow that can last anywhere from 6-10 days!! There are ways to get it to last longer and help for a more even application. Here are just a few tips and tricks before booking your spray tan appointment with us!

  • One of the most important things that you must do is to thoroughly exfoliate before spray tanning. The shallower the dead skin layer on the surface of your skin, the more time it will take for this layer to build up before it starts rubbing off. That means the better the exfoliation, the more even your tan will be throughout it's life and the longer it will last.

  • It is just as vital for you to moisturize everyday after your spray tan to keep your skin from drying out and exfoliating prematurely.

  • No lotions or creams can be worn before application, this keeps the spray tan from adhering to the skin evenly. (Lotions can be applied to fingertips/toes or anywhere that you may not want the spray tan to adhere to).

  • You MUST go at least 5 hours after spray tanning before showering!!! Between 5-8 hours your color will become darker and darker, if you are looking for a slight glow, shower at the 5 hour mark, for a darker tan, go as long as you can without showering for the color to fully develop.

  • Also, excessive sweating, swimming, steam rooms, etc. are not a good idea within the first 8-10 hours of application. It will cause the spray tan to rub off.

  • A lot of people ask if our tanning solution smells, we use a sugar based solution, so it actually smells kind of sweet!

If you are interested in getting a full body spray tan at Bellezza, they are $35 an application. We do not have a "booth"; our spray tan technician individually sprays you with an airbrush gun to give you the best possible coverage and tan! You may wear an old bathing suit or your own underwear, however, we can also provide you with disposable bikini bottoms and bra tops, or you can go without any clothes.

Get your glow on at Bellezza!!!! To book your spray tan appointment, call: 843-573-1112.

AND... if you are interested, we can also do spray tan parties!!!!!! Call to ask for more info!

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