Monday, August 16, 2010

Biomega is here!

One of the most wonderful perks of my job? I get to try all of the new beauty products first before clients! This weekend, I've tried several new products that I must tell all of you about!

First and foremost, Aquage, a line of hair shampoos, conditioners, & haircare products, has come out with something new! We're all very excited here at Bellezza about the new shampoo and conditioner line that they've come out with, Biomega.

My hair is naturally fine, stick straight and I struggle on a daily basis for any kind of volume to stay in my hair throughout the day. I am constantly looking for shampoos and products to give me more volume, so this was right up my ally! I instantly took a sample of the Volumizing Biomega shampoo and moisture mist conditioner. I immediately loved the packaging, the signature Aquage blue and pretty tropical flowers.

The smell of the shampoo is delightful!! It is light and refreshing, not overly perfumey like some. My stylist warned me not to use too much of this shampoo, just a dime size would work, so I emulisifed the dime sized amount in my hand and lathered up! After getting out of the shower, I applied the moisture mist conditioner and combed through my hair. The mist was really nice because it was light and I didn't feel like it was going to weigh my hair down.

Ok, here comes the real tester, time to blow dry my hair! I sectioned off my hair and blew it dry with a round brush. My hair seemed to have bounce and fullness almost instantly! I couldn't believe it!!! After I was done drying my hair, I also noticed it had a bit more shine to it as well, giving my desperately need-to-be-colored hair a revitalization!

The line has three different strengths for all types of hair, volumizing, silkening, and moisture. Which one works for you? Here's what Biomega is all about:

While all hair needs may be equal, they’re certainly not the same. Identifying three hair textures, Biomega addresses the needs of each by providing three distinct high-lathering shampoo and gentle conditioner formulas, all with color-protective properties and all sulfate- and paraben-free.

Texture: Dry, damaged hair.
Goal: Moisturize.
Formula: Omega-rich moisturizers and Keratin amino acids.
Moisture Shampoo restores moisture, repairs damage, improves elasticity, renews strength and resiliency and increases slip for effortless styling. Moisture Conditioner continues the repairing and rehydrating process, mends split ends, helps to prevent further breakage, seals the cuticle to lock in shine and leaves hair feeling vibrant and healthy.

Texture: Coarse, curly or frizzy hair.
Goal: Silken.
Formula: Nutrient-rich omega oils and mango seed extract.
Silk Shampoo silkens the hair, sealing the cuticle to eliminate frizz and improve combability. Intensive Conditioner reinforces the silkening by preparing the hair for easy styling and making it resistant to the effects of humidity.

Texture: Fine, limp hair.
Goal: Volumize.
Formula: Lightweight, omega-rich nutrients and gugo bark extract.
Volume Shampoo thickens the hair from the inside to volumize without roughing up the cuticle layers. Moisture Mist Conditioner comes in an ultra-light, leave-in spray to even out the porosity and detangle without adding weight.

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