Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Galvanic Facial

It has been a while since I've written about the "mini face lift facial", but Bellezza's galvanic facial is becoming more and more popular! Galvanic treatments have been around in the skincare industry for years and they've lasted the test of time because it works!

What exactly does Galvanic do? Galvanic treatment delivers a galvanic current of different charges to the area you are looking to make wrinkle-free. But the procedure does much more than that, everyone's complexion after the treatment will begin to look more healthy and vibrant immediately - and look that way for up to 1 week! The High Frequency part of this machine works to kill bacteria that clogs pores and creates skin irritation (great for acne, after facials and after waxing).Its a great service to try before going to a big event because it gives you the glow you want, helps penetrate products deeper into the skin to help heal acne, smooth wrinkles, and even out skin tone.

You can get this treatment added on to any facial for only $20! After your initial facial plus the galvanic treatment, you can get just the galvanic without the whole facial up to twice a week to keep your skin looking great!

Individual treatments without the facial are only $30! And can be done every 3-4 days inbetween your 4-5 week facials.

All of my clients have been raving about how their skin looks & feels after their galvanic treatments!

(Contraindications for this procedure are: pregnancy, seizures, pacemakers or any other "metal" in the body)

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