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Hi Everyone!

   I am Rebecca Jones, the esthetician at Bellezza Salon & Spa; (that's my photo to the left at our charity fashion show last year).  It seems like almost everyday I am asked by our wonderful clients, friends and sometimes even coworkers, what I use on my skin.  I figured I would share some of my skincare secrets with you and what I advise my clients to get the best skin possible for you!

   To first explain you need to know that I have fairly normal to dry skin, it is also super sensitive.  This is a curse and a blessing, while I hardly ever had breakouts as a teenager, I fear that as I age, I need to moisturize even more than others to keep my skin dewy fresh and glowing!  Also, great skin does not come easy, it does take work.  I tell my clients all the time that the skin damage did not occur over night and neither will a skin transformation.  It takes time and patience, you also have to find the right products that work for you! 

   The first step to my skin is a daily regimen that starts first thing in the morning.  I am a morning person, so this is when I get my "extra" skincare steps in when needed.  In the shower, I cleanse my skin with either Glo Theraputics Hydrating Cleanser (I LOVE the scent and it has lactic acid in it for an anti-aging boost!) or I use Dr. Schwab's Herbal Foaming Cleanser (great for taking off makeup on your eyes, its creamy & and not irritating to skin at all!). 

   After cleansing my face, if I'm feeling a little "red" then I put on Glo Therapeutics Conditioning Tonic.  If not, I start by putting Glo's Vitamin C 10% serum all over (including the back of my hands because let's face it, that's where aging shows too!).  I then apply Glo Peptide + Defense; this is another serum of sorts, but I love the smell and find it to be a little more moisturizing for my dry skin.  It helps to protect my skin from damaging free radicals that my skin encounters all day long.
    I follow this up by placing my Glo Eye Restore eye cream under my eyes in a circle all the way around my brow bone.  Because the skin around your eyes is very sensitive, place the cream on with your ring finger for less pulling, it can help reduce creating more wrinkles.  I follow this with my Glo Conditioning Hydration Cream (this moisturizer is great for almost anyone, but if you have oily skin, you'll want to go with a lighter choice like Glo's Oil Control).  Then FINALLY, my final step is to apply GLO 40 SPF all over, including my neck and the back of my hands.  I can't tell you how many times I have been driving to work and notice all the sun on my hands as they are on the steering wheel.  I'm so glad to have them protected! 

   On my days off from the spa, I hardly ever wear foundation and skip the Glo moisturizer and sunscreen and opt for a $14 tinted moisturizer with sunscreen by Neutrogena. 

   For my evening routine, I basically follow the same cleansing steps, but change up my serums.  I will tell you that sometimes it's all I can do to peel myself off the couch to go wash my face at night. If you are like me in the way, it may be best for you to wash your face the second you get home!  On those nights, I use Neutrogena face wipes to at least cleanse off all of my makeup. Bare Minerals may say that it's so pure you can sleep in it, but trust me when I say that you and your skin will regret that decision in the morning!

   I usually cleanse at night with my Clairsonic.  Clairsonic says you can use it morning and night, but my skin is too sensitive for both.  I follow up with my Glo Super Serum or Tretinol, eye cream and then my moisturizer.  I sometimes use a heavier moisturizer at night, just depends on the season.  Charleston summers are so humid, I find I can get away with a lighter moisturizer in the evenings during the next few months.

  On Sundays, I follow up my cleansing with the Glo Pumpkin Enzyme Scrub. I only scrub 1-2 times a week, over exfoliating can actually be really rough on your skin and cause more damage. I also use a mask on my skin once a week (stays on 10 minutes), I do this in the shower and keep it on while I wash my hair, etc.

  I do wear Bare Minerals makeup; I love their foundations, blushes, lip glosses and bronzers. 

   Great skin also comes from with what you place into your body as well.  I drink a lot of water throughout the day.  I hardly ever drink alcohol and I do not smoke.  Smoking can take oxygen away from your skin, causing it to look dry & depleted of nutrients.  It can also cause breakouts and make you look a lot older than you really are!

   If you are ready to take the next step in your skincare routine, give me a call!! I can help you reach your skincare goals and give you your own personalized skincare steps to give you the best skin possible. If you add in facials every 4-6 weeks with your new skin care routine, you will see a change in your skin and so will others!

843-573-1112 - Call to make a facial appointment or to consult with me about your skin 

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