Wednesday, January 18, 2012

"The Best" Smoothing Treatment from GK Hair

    Are you tired of your curly or frizzy hair? Have you been avoiding getting a Keratin treatment because you can't get your hair wet for 3 days?  Bellezza has something new that might interest you! 
     Introducing: "The Best" Smoothing treatment from GK Hair! It's the next step in the Keratin revolution to give you smooth, silky, frizz free hair and Bellezza Salon & Spa has it! Results can last up to 5 months and you can say goodbye to not being able to wash your hair because there is no 72 hour waiting period, you can shampoo the same day! 
    Clients are loving the results and the safety of this product for their hair! 
    For more information, please call to set up your consultation with Creative Stylist & our resident Keratin Treatment expert:  Amber O'Neil, 843-573-1112.

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