Monday, August 1, 2011

Are you ready to go short?

Is short hair for you?  If you aren't ready to commit to cutting off all of your long hair, this style that Jessica Simpson has is a good start to cutting off long longs, but still have the versatility to put it in a pony tail. 

If you're already at a shoulder length, but looking for something a little different, try this style:  

Still long enough to pull back, but short enough to give a lift to your hair!  This style is so versatile and popular because it looks great with a lot of different facial shapes and hair textures!  

Ready to go shorter?  

Adding a few layers to the longer bob can create a more textured look that you can "flick out" or flip under for a more sleek style. 

If you're wanting an even shorter style... 
Ashley Simpson's pixie cut is daring, but still slightly long enough to pin back or put behind her ears in the front.  

If you're really wanting a different, short, pixie cut that is popular right now, try Michelle Williams style.  
Put the focus on your beautiful features with slight bangs that sweep your eyes!  This cut keeps you cool during a hot Charleston summer, and is minimal work as far as styling! 

If you're ready to go shorter, give us a call for an appointment!  


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