Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Valentine's Day Beauty

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Getting ready for Valentine's Day can include bikini waxing, gym memberships, shopping for new outfits and trying to look your best!

Bellezza suggests to look your absolute best - take advantage of one of our Valentine's Day packages! Try Me Lash Extensions for only $99, spray tan, bikini wax, shampoo/blowout, and makeup applications, let us help you get ready for the big day!

Want to have a sulty or beautiful fresh look this Valentine's Day? Here are some quick do-it-yourself professional makeup tips if you decide to go it alone.

Flushed Cheeks: Most clients ask me if they should wear bronzer and blush, the answer is yes! Place your bronzer on (Warmth by Bare Minerals $19), by creating a 3 and an E on your face with the brush. A little bit of bronzer goes a long way, but also dab a bit on your nose and on your d├ęcolletage if you're wearing a lower neckline. Then place your blush right over it on the top of your cheek bones, making a C all the way up your cheeks to the temples.

Pouty Lips: If having your lips injected isn't your thing, you can still create the effect of a larger, more pouty lip with just a few little tricks! First line your lips with a neutral liner, fill the line in on your lips to help the lipstick stay longer. Then put on your favorite lipstick! Finish up with placing a lip plumping lip gloss just in the center of the lips (my favorite is Bare Minerals Buxom Lipgloss in Sugar or Krystal $18). Finish up by putting a light highligher just above the top lip to create a fuller top lip!

Smokey Eyes: A smokey eye can be tricky, but very easy to do yourself if you experiment with colors! A smokey eye can be made with more than just gray/black shadows; purple shadows are complimentary on almost any skin tone. You'll want to have three eyeshadow colors, light, medium and dark. Three great bare minerals colors to use are: Vanilla Sugar - Highlighter, Medium color = Pebble and Dark = Queen Tiffany, which has a little sparkle to it!

First use the highlighter under your brow. Then use the medium color all over your lid. Lastly, take the darkest color and put it in the crease of your eye. You can experiment with the darkest color, whisking it out further for a more dramatic look if you want.

Come in today for a customized makeup application for your Valentine's Day!

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