Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Brow Shaping Experience

Over-tweezed, misshapen brows can cause you to look older, tired, or distract from your over all look! Perfectly shaped eyebrows can frame your face to give you a wide-eyed younger look!

Too often, waxers can quickly swipe on wax and rip it off, without properly measuring your brows to properly shape and contour to your eyes and facial shape. Brows should enhance your look, not distract from it!

Rebecca Jones, our esthetician, carefully measures your brows to see where the arch should be placed, where they should begin and where the hair should end. Powder is first applied to the skin to allow the wax to stick to the hair, not the skin. Wax is applied, (different waxes are available depending on the sensitivity of your skin), and then carefully taken off. Once the wax has made the basic shape of the brow, Rebecca tweezes your brows to perfection! Your brows are filled in with a tint of color to ensure the ideal eyebrow frame.
Lavender & Chamomile oil is applied to help soothe any redness, as well as to remove any excess wax. Don't worry about going out after the wax because our esthetician also applies a bit of concealer afterwards to cover any remaining redness!

A brow shaping with Rebecca is $20 and touch ups are $15. Come in to Bellezza Salon & Spa and get the brow experience!

Call for an appointment:843-573-1112

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