Thursday, December 31, 2009

Its a new decade - but that doesn't mean you can't turn back the hands of time!

Happy New Year from Bellezza Salon & Spa!
Looking to improve your skin this year?
Look no further, we've got the advice and right customized facial for you!

Ages: 16-20

It is never too early to start a great skincare regime! You'll need the right cleanser for your skin, a great serum and a moisturizer. Don't forget your daily sunscreen too! A facial every 6-8 weeks is recommended to help keep your skin on track!

Ages: 20-30s

Once you're in your 20's - your skin is already aging more rapidly than it did ten years ago. Combat the signs of aging by plumping the skin with a great ginkosome serum during the day and a citrusome serum for night to help reduce the wrinkles you already have. Come in for a customized purifying facial every 4-6 weeks to help hydrate, correct & protect your skin! Once in your 30s, microdermabrasion is recommended to help even out skin tone and kick start your skin's glowing - youthful look!

Ages: 40s-50s

If you haven't tried microdermabrasion yet, now is the time! It evens out skin tone, reduces fine lines, wrinkles, & age spots, plus it can help reduce the look of acne scarring too! A series of 6 is recommended to see results. Glycolic facials are also an option for someone who is looking for a more intensive peel.

Want to kick it up a notch? Add on a galvanic non-surgical facelift for $20 to any facial for an instant mini "lift"!

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