Sunday, March 8, 2009

Calling All Mascara Lovers!!!!!

Toss out the mascara... you don't need it anymore!

Have you ever wondered how celebrities like Jennifer Lopez, Gwen Stefani or Nicole Kidman have beautiful long lashes on the red carpet? Their secret is Eyelash Extensions!

Eyelash extensions started in Asia and has quickly made its way to the US becoming popular among celebrities in the past few years. For 2009, the new trend is to wear these beautiful lashes, not just for special occasions, but for everyday wear!

Many of my clients that wear the Xtreme Lashes love that they can roll out of bed and still have glam eyes with no effort! You don't have to worry about mascara, clumping, running, or smudging anymore! The eyelashes can be customized for you with different colors, lengths, & thickness. The model in the photo above decided to be bold and add a few highlights of purple lashes mixed in with black.

Eyelash extensions are the best accessory for 2009!! Check out all of my "Before & After" photos on Bellezza's website. Eyelash Extensions are great for brides, proms, balls, formal occasions, or just for everyday wear!

Not sure if a full set is for you? I can do a "half" set for clients as well, call or come by for more information! Flirty "half" sets are great for Prom!!

Hope to see you soon!
- Rebecca Luther, Skincare Therapist & Xtreme Lash Technician

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